Square Gebers Dec 2015 – Aug 2016

For the last 18 months including 2 Winters, 2 Springs, 1 Autumn and a Summer, I  have lived at “Gebers”, the converted 1930’s convalescent home on the shores of Drevviken about 10km south of central Stockholm. When ever I go for a stroll around the estate, whether clambering over the rocky shore or walking through the precious surrounding woods that include wonderful oaks, I take a camera with me. I have posted many of these on Instagram (see Aircraftonground) and enjoy  the discipline of re-composing  images taken in 6:4 into  square ones perhaps with a little post production too. Since many people who see me camera in hand ask what I do with my pictures I thought it was time to answer that and present a few here.

Drevviken- Introduction


I have lived at Gebers, an 1930’s convalescence home that was rescued from near dereliction and converted into an eco-minded community in the late 90s, on the shore of Drevviken for nearly six months so it was time to take stock of some of the pictures that have accumulated in that period. Looking out of the flat towards the south west it is only natural that changes in the light and weather have been very eye catching since moving in just before the winter solstice.  The first six months will be celebrated by the summer solstice  so the story may still have some surprises before the sun turns back.