Square Gebers Dec 2015 – Aug 2016

For the last 18 months including 2 Winters, 2 Springs, 1 Autumn and a Summer, I  have lived at “Gebers”, the converted 1930’s convalescent home on the shores of Drevviken about 10km south of central Stockholm. When ever I go for a stroll around the estate, whether clambering over the rocky shore or walking through the precious surrounding woods that include wonderful oaks, I take a camera with me. I have posted many of these on Instagram (see Aircraftonground) and enjoy  the discipline of re-composing  images taken in 6:4 into  square ones perhaps with a little post production too. Since many people who see me camera in hand ask what I do with my pictures I thought it was time to answer that and present a few here.

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